Killmeyer's Zum Bier Club

Killmeyer's introduces Zum Bier Club! Drink your way, through our award winning beer list, toward FREE GROWLERS, deals and discounts, earn rewards, and even become enshrined on the
Killmeyer's Biermeister Wall of Fame!

Rules and Regulations:

• You must be 21 years of age or older on the day you join the Zum Bier Club.
• You only receive a point when a new beer is tried.
• You must open a tab with a bartender in order to accumulate points.

Below are some of the perks you will receive as a member:

• FREE Killmeyer's Ceramic Beer Stein with the first ½ liter fill-up upon joining
• Weekly specials for members in the bar
• Beer points to earn rewards
• Special events and trips for beer club members
• FREE ½ liter beer on your birthday
• FREE Zum Bier Club member exclusive preview tasting prior to each Seasonal Beer Menu release

For a one time sign-up fee of only $25, you can become a Kölsch Trinker and work your way up as you enjoy bottle after bottle and stein after stein of our award winning selection of brews to become a Biermeister.

How you become a Killmeyer's Biermeister:

Simply enjoy at least 25 bottled beers from our seasonal menu and 5 seasonal drafts between the first and last day of the season to move up to the next level. Our seasonal beer menus follow the change of seasons throughout the year. The first Friday of the new season begins the new beer menu and ends the last. Please keep in mind that as the new seasons approach, supplies dwindle. So get to Killmeyer's early and often to make sure you can complete your list and move on to the next level.

Upon completing your first season, you will receive a FREE 64 oz Growler to fill up FREE with the seasonal draft of your choice. Each season you complete thereafter, just bring back your growler and we'll fill it for FREE with the seasonal draft of your choice. When you complete all four seasons consecutively, you become Killmeyer's Biermeister. All Biermeisters receive a Zum Bier Club Biermeister T-shirt and a $50 Killmeyer's Gift Card. Additionally you will be forever enshrined on the Killmeyer's Biermeister Wall of Fame.

Levels of membership:

Leichtbier Trunkener - completion of one season

Pilsner Trinker - completion of two consecutive seasons

Lager Liebhaber - completion of three consecutive seasons

Biermeister - completion of four consecutive seasons

You have reached the top but don't let the celebration last too long. It all starts again with the next seasonal beer menu. How many times can you become a Killmeyer's Biermeister? Do you have what it takes to be a Biermeister?

Additionally you can earn the following rewards by getting 1 point per bottle purchased from our "Beer Points List" posted behind the bar:

10 points - earn 1 FREE beer ticket

30 points - earn 2 FREE beer tickets

50 points - earn 3 FREE beer tickets

100 points - earn 5 FREE beer tickets

Free Beer tickets are only valid if redeemed by the bier club member who earned it. Tickets will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Discounted purchases do not count toward points earned.